This is it. Not much to look at, and that's one of the things I like about it.

This is a Japanese import, in that these were never sold new in the UK, and this one was second hand in Japan.

Imported by Bristol Import Centre (website here) and brought up to UK spec. with the addition of a fog light, speedometer conversion (into mph from km/h), I bought it in January 2002 after a long road test with Harry. Harry loved it.

I have put my own number plate on it, new tyres, had a full service and generally driven it a bit, and it's fantastic.  I can even put up with the automatic gearbox.

The old red Legacy was sold in February, to a nice man from Frome, and had served me well.

My mum now has a Legacy, although hers is an Outback Estate, 2,5 litre, in green.

With Pam's Dad and brother now having Subarus, Pam has one, and me and my mum, that makes five in the family. Think Subaru should pay me a commission.

The Motorbike

The motorbike is going well, and has had a bit of a going over in recent months.  There is a new petrol tank, new seat, new paintwork and even a new number plate. Not everything has been fitted, and the fairing is off at the moment, but it is looking pretty good, for a bike of 24 years, 184,000 miles and owned by a moron.

I do still have a 1981 Honda CB125 TDC but it is not on the road, and a 1967 Suzuki K10P, also not going.

The bicycle is in one piece and Harry has a skateboard.

"Very very fast"



Technical Specification

Engine :-

2 litre
Twin turbo
260 bhp
(I am told)
All wheel drive
Automatic gearbox (but OK)
Alloy wheels
206/65 tyres (Pirelli)

Year  1984 (L registration)

Fuel economy :-

Ouch !
11-35 mpg (9-30 USmpg)

Stereo :-

Sony CDX, taken from other Subaru. Original six speakers.

Technical Specification

1978 Suzuki GS1000EC
4 cylinders, 1000cc
~90 bhp
Triple disk brakes
Dunlop tyres
Top speed over 135 mph

Still going strong. Owned by me since 1987.

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