Vancouver Downtown

Having enjoyed our brief trip to Niagara last year, this year Harry and I decided to pop over to Canada. As Vancouver is about as far away as one can get, we thought that would be an ideal place.

Additionally I read about the West Edmonton Mall ( and decided to combine the two.

Flying Air Canada, we arrived in Vancouver and found our hotel. Spend a couple of days there and then flew over to Edmonton, which doesn't have much, but does have the largest mall in the world, or at least claims to.  In Vancouver we did two quite cool things, we visited the aquarium in Stanley Park (very long walk) and went up in a seaplane. Look at the photos.

Have a look at their website for all the details, but it is pretty big. We spent five days at the mall, did a little shopping, and went on pretty much all of the attractions--the submarine, the fairground, the amusement park, (not the roller coasters or the swimming pool), and generally had a lot of fun.

We then flew back through Vancouver to Victoria on Vancouver Island, and spent two nights there. Went whale watching and actually saw one,  before heading up north in our rented Jeep.

We spent nights in Nanaimo and Courtenay before arriving at Campbell River and meeting up with my old friend Tom, from KES.  Had an excellent time with him, did a cook out on the beach, went swimming in the river, and Harry and I went out salmon fishing in the straights.  Caught one, but too small to keep.  Not bad, considering I don't even like salmon very much.  We also went hiking up Mt. Washington and ate pizza.  Generally had a very good time.

Drove back to Victoria, and then on plane to Vancouver and then to London. Air Canada did well and everyone was very friendly.

Harry was very well behaved on the plane and I think that this served as a good test to see that this Christmas' flight to New Zealand will be OK.

"It's a whole bunch of country"

Tom Cross

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