The house is in the same place it always was.

The new garage went up just before Christmas and the roof was finished while we were in NZ. It looks pretty good. The whole of the back of the house looks much better.

The cat, Custard, is thriving. She is not very big, but she makes up for it in friendliness. She eats, she scratches and she chases things. Pretty much what cats do.  Photo shows her in neighbour's garden under a rhubarb leaf.

The garden is still a bit of a mess, as I'm not much of a gardener and it is very steep. My lovely neighbours do much of the looking after of it and it looks OK.  The Christmas tree I planted in 1993 is now over 12' tall and doing well.  The one planted in 1999 is alive and growing but much slower. The buddleia is trying to grow back, and the rose bushes needed trimming.

Harry has his own room and that is pretty much finished now in its spaceship theme. The back room doubles as a weights room and a spare bedroom, as the spare bed folds up to the wall and the weights bench pushes out of the way. A little amusing if you get it wrong.

The attic has not changed much, but I do now have a (sad?) wireless link into the network so that I can use my laptop anywhere in the house or garden, running off the ADSL line.  I thought it was cool anyway.

Harry has his own PC, linked up to internet, and there is also a TV up there linked to the Sky satellite system.

There is serious danger of the house becoming a bit of a bachelor pad.

There is serious danger of the house becoming a bit of a bachelor pad.


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