Written January 2003

Harry and me (looking very large) by a lake in the hills of Vancouver Island.

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Harry is now seven years old,  4'3" tall / 1,30m  and over 60lbs / 27kg in weight. 

After banging his head in 2001, he was taken into hospital, drugged up, taken to Frenchay in Bristol and allowed to recover on his own. He seems to be OK, and there is no permanent damage.

He is now in year 2 (second grade to some), and next year goes to junior school.  We are looking at two schools, one is Widcombe Junior and the other is King Edward's, where I went to school. 

He is learning to play the recorder at school, and his spelling, reading and writing is pretty good.  My grammar, on the other hand, is dreadful.

News since last September.

In May 2002 Pam and I decided to separate and that happened during August when Harry and I were on holiday in Canada (more here about Canadian holiday).

Pam is now living in a small flat near us in Widcombe.

Other News
Harry and I went to New Zealand on holiday over Christmas-NewYear 2002-2003, returning in Jan 2003. More about New Zealand here.

In February 2002 my sister Jane had baby Michael James.

In December, Rita, Pam's sister in law, had a baby girl, Kayleigh, so Harry has two new cousins, making three in total.

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